Dear Friends and Customers:

I will no longer accept payments using PayPal.
Everyone that I have done business with has been honest and trustworthy
with one exception.  This man found a way to defraud me of money using
PayPal.  He apparently claimed that he did not receive his order after nearly
6 months of no correspondence.  He never contacted me after the order was shipped.
I even gave him extra items free and you can see my reward for it.
Read through the information that I provided to PayPal which is listed below and
see what you think.

I am lucky because this man is just a petty thief but it could have been a lot worse.
I can protect myself by forcing all customers to pay additional charges for
proof of receipt or I can drop the use of PayPal.

I choose to trust the customers and drop PayPal.

Bob Buchheit


You may examine the documents by clicking on the links below.

Photo of order file showing shipping label and post office receipt.

Complete copy of all correspondence.

Please note that at first he says a check was sent.
Then he says that he paid using PayPal.
Then he says that the check was voided.

No check was ever received!

Bob Buchheit